Terms & Conditions


Indicated Price

- The indicated price includes only the product price and shipment cost, and does not include local taxes and other expenses imposed in the nation or region of the shipping address.

- Customs duty, taxes and other expenses imposed by the nation or region of the shipping address shall be paid by Customers.


Payment for Products

- Payment for VELDT’s products may be made by credit card (VISA, Master, JCB) or PayPal.

Payment Deadline

(1) Credit Card:

- Customers shall enter his/her credit card information when he/she orders. The payment will be made when the payment is approved by the credit card company.

- Terms of payment to the credit card company will conform to terms agreed to between Customers and the credit card company.

(2) PayPal:

- Customers shall pay by PayPal when he/she orders. Terms of payment to PayPal will conform to terms agreed to between Customers and PayPal.

<Return Policy>

Cancellation or Change of Orders

- Cancellation or change of orders cannot be made by customers after the sales and purchase agreement has been concluded.
- If the Customer wishes to cancel or change a product ordered due to inevitable reasons, customers shall contact VELDT’s customer service (contact@veldt.jp)
- If an order paid for by credit card is cancelled, the refund will bemade through a bank transfer.

- VELDT may cancel the order when the shipment cannot be completed due to unknown address or long absence.


- Customers shall note that although shipment of the products will be arranged immediately after confirming the order, it may require some time depending on stock status.

- VELDT will send an e-mail toCustomers to notify the shipment when VELDT ships the product.


name :VELDT Inc.

address:4-24-9 703 Kamiuma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0011, Japan
sales time :10:00-17:00
contact :contact@veldt.jp