VEGA Series - Coffee Brown
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VEGA Series - Coffee Brown

90,000 JPY

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  • Slim Strap (for Women)

  • Normal Strap (for Men)

VELDT LUXTURE is a new connected watch that recreates and organizes relaxing time for people today. It was inspired by the idea of “LIGHTS, RATHER THAN WORDS”. Apart from the traditional smartwatches that display a variety of digital data on the faces, VELDT LUXTURE looks like any high-end analog watch. VELDT FLARE, the built-in indirect lightings on the watch face, elegantly displays your notifications, whether it’s from the people who are most important to you or daily lifestyle information such as your next appointment or the weather forecast. Instead of bright lights, we find comfort in the radiance of soft lights like a warm fireplace flare, sunlight that shines through the leaves of a tree, twilight, and moonlight. In addition, LUXTURE will be compatible with “Riiiver”, an IoT platform Citizen Watch Co. is releasing this coming summer. On “Riiiver” and “LUXTURE app”, you can add new functions to the platform and evolve it as you like, a powerful tool of limitless creativity. The name LUXTURE is a mix of LUX and FUTURE, the two words indicating the major characteristics of VELDT product. The second LUXTURE series VEGA is inspired by women's natural beauty, and each dial's soft, delicate color matches with the paired leather strap. You will find a color that suits your style. We recommend you pick the normal strap from our store for men. [Material] Stainless Steel, Sapphire Glass, Color Glass (Back), Leather Strap (Calf) [Strap] Width:20mm ※Interchangeable ※Two Width Options Available [Size] Size:38mm、Thickness:12.4mm [Movement] Quartz(Built-In Button Cell、Estimated 2 Years of Quartz Life) [Compatibility] iOS 10+ and AndroidTM 6+ [Connectivity] Bluetooth Low Energy 5 Ready [Battery] Lithium Polymer Battery, Estimated 3 Days of Battery Life [Sensor] Accelerometer, Light Sensor, UV Sensor [Charging] Wireless Charging(Magnetic Charging Cable with USB Power Adapter Included) [Water Resistant] WATER RESIST (ANT) 5 bar [Functionality] Notifications: Text / Call / Email / Social Media / App Alerts / Calendar Alerts / UV Alerts / Seasonal Allergy Alerts Multiple Time Zones / Weather Forecast / Moon Phases / Wave Level / Activity Track